Hello and THANK YOU for your consideration of joining Sunnybrook Swim Club.  Sunnybrook Swim Club has been a Moorestown family tradition since 1955. The club offers 2 beautiful pools, baby pool, diving board, plus a 3 story high sliding board.  To keep the kids active outside of the pool, we have basketball courts, 2 playgrounds, ping pong, shuffleboard, and a whiffle ball field.  Our swim team participates in the Tri-County Swimming League along with a dive team that participates in South Jersey Diving League.  Sunnybrook Swim Club is nestled in a quiet Moorestown community, down a private driveway, in a beautiful tree lined property.

Types of membership

Bonded Membership
As an exclusive Sunnybrook Bond member, your family receives discounted annual dues and partial ownership in the club. Bonded membership gives full access to the club throughout the summer including the club’s special events. Bond members also have the option to join our swim team and/or dive team plus various swim lesson options for younger children. The bonded membership is recommended to fully take advantage of all that Sunnybrook has to offer.

Summer Rental
This is the option we offer to families who would like to try out our club and may not be ready to commit to a fully bonded membership. We offer full summer or August only rental memberships.

How do I become a Member?

To join Sunnybrook, visit the Register a New Account and fill out the form. If you are a returning member, you can log in to complete your registration and make your payment online. If you prefer to register via a paper form please email membership@sunnybrookswimclub.org. If you prefer to pay by check as opposed to online, please make checks payable to Sunnybrook Swim Club and mail to:

Sunnybrook Swim Club
PO Box 91
Moorestown, NJ 08057

Please email membership@sunnybrookswimclub.org with any questions.

How much does membership cost?

Bonded Member pricing*

  • $600 – Family of 1-2
  • $640 – Family of 3-4
  • $660 – Family of 5+
  • $420 – Senior family of 1-2
  • $60 – Childcare/Nanny

Rental Member pricing*

  • $800 – Family of 1-2
  • $840 – Family of 3-4
  • $860 – Family of 5 or more
  • $620 – Senior family of 1-2
  • $60 – Childcare/Nanny
  • $400 – August only rental

*An administration fee of $30 will be applied to all invoices. Payments may be made by check or online using PayPal. Bonds are $800 and can be paid over two years @ $400.00 per year.

I am a 4 person family interested in purchasing a bond over the course of two years, how much do I pay?

Using bonded member pricing, you will pay:

  • $640 – dues for family of 3-4
  • $400 – first bond payment
  • $30 – Admin fee

$1070 Total payment (2nd payment $400 due the following year with membership dues)

I am a 4 person fully bonded family, how much do I pay?

Using bonded member pricing, you will pay:

  • $640 – dues for a family of 3-4
  • $30 – Admin fee

$670 total payment

I am a 4 person rental family, how much do I pay?

Using rental member pricing, you will pay:

  • $840 – dues for a family of 3-4
  • $30 – Admin fee

$870 total payment

What is the difference between a Summer Rental Membership and a Bondholder?

Bondholders have purchased bonds that entitle them to discounted annual dues (approximately a $200 annual savings) and partial ownership in the club.

How do I purchase a bond?

To purchase a bond, you must inquire with Membership Management to see if bonds are available for resale. Since the number of bonds sold is limited, each year the Club evaluates the number of people who no longer wish to be bondholders and attempts to resell those bonds to new buyers. There is typically a waiting list and preference is given to prior year Summer Rental Members for new bond purchases.

I have a bond and want to sell it. What should I do and expect?

All resignations must be in writing and sent to P.O. Box 91, Moorestown, NJ 08057 along with the member’s bond by April 30 of the current year. The bond must be endorsed and dated. Note: bonds purchased circa 2010 and later did not receive a paper bond. Whether you have a paper bond or not, bond liquidation requests must be received in writing with a signature. The Club Treasurer will handle reimbursement once the bond has been sold. Bonds neither appreciate nor depreciate in value. You should expect that it may take up to three years to receive your funds back.

Please note: if as a bondholder you have not paid your annual dues or a bond dormancy fee for one year before making your request to liquidate, your bond’s value will be decreased by the dormancy fee. If as a bondholder you have not paid your annual dues or dormancy fee for two consecutive years before making your request to liquidate, your bond’s value will be zero because you have forfeited your bond’s value to cover your annual dues and the Club has taken a loss on your owed dues. If you do not pay your annual dues, you risk forfeiting your bond to the Club.

What if I have only paid for half of my bond and I want to liquidate it?

If you have paid for the first half of your bond and not the second half and you want to liquidate your bond, you have two choices. Option 1: We can convert your $400 bond payment into an August Rental for the upcoming season. Option 2: We can apply your $400 bond payment towards a Summer Rental Membership for the upcoming season and you would pay the difference.  Otherwise, your $400 payment will be forfeited as you were afforded the $200 bonded membership discount even though you did not technically purchase the bond in full.

I have sent in my request to liquidate my bond. Why don’t I get my money back immediately?

Our by-laws require the Club to sell bonds and receive the full payment of the bond before we can give the money back. So for example, if you request to liquidate your bond, the Club needs to find a buyer and that buyer can purchase the bond over two years or can pay for the bond in one year. If the buyer chooses to split the payment, you will need to wait until the second half of the bond is paid to receive your refund. If the buyer pays in full, then your bond can be refunded immediately. The club does not split refunds. However, if a bond is purchased and paid in full, we do our best to refund bondholders in the order in which the requests to liquidate have been made.

I am a bondholder but I won’t be around this Summer and I do not want to liquidate my bond.

That’s OK. Instead of paying your full annual dues, you can pay the bond dormancy fee and keep your bond. You can only do this for two consecutive Summers, however. We do not permit bondholders to use the dormancy fee for more than two years. The Club loses money when this happens.

My children are all grown-up and don’t use the pool.

That’s ok. We can reduce your membership dues to a smaller family size. And if you passed the magic age of 65, you’re entitled to our reduced rate for seniors. Getting older has it advantages.

We have two nannies and we want them to use the pool with our children.

Nannies are permitted. Simply add them to your annual membership for $60 per nanny.

What the heck is "Mail Chimp" and why do I get emails from them?

Mail Chimp is an email management system that makes it easier for the club to send broadcast emails to its membership. It is crucial for members to provide Sunnybrook with updated emails, as well as emails for all members of your family (if applicable) to ensure you don’t miss any important information that we send out to the membership each season.