Wanted: Assistant Managers

Sunnybrook Swim Club is seeking assistant managers for the 2023 season!  If you’re interested, and meet the requirements listed below, please contact our Manager, Andrew Harker, with your resume:  manager@sunnybrookswimclub.org

Description Overview: Under the direction of the Pool Manager, the Assistant Pool Manager will assist with all day-to-day operations of the swim club and with the management of staff and membership. The assistant manager may also assist with the organization of special events and activities held at the club. The assistant manager may also complete various routine clerical and administrative tasks, all while ensuring timely and effective communication with the Pool Manager. The assistant manager shall exercise good professional judgement in accordance with the bylaws and pool rules when dealing with all members and employees. The position shall serve as a role model for all guards in all aspects of dealing with the membership. All member or staff issues should be addressed by assistant manager when on duty and escalated to the pool manager if necessary.


 Pool/Member Safety

  • Respectfully and patiently enforce Sunnybrook Swim Club rules to provide a safe environment for all members, visitors, and employees.
  • Model safe work habits and contribute to the safety of self, Sunnybrook Swim Club staff, members and guests.
  • Ensure lifeguards/front gate staff are adhering to all job responsibilities.


  • Enforce the established safety and cleanliness routine by conducting daily inspections of all bath houses, front and rear patios, pools, slides, pool aprons, courts, playgrounds and playground equipment. All inspections and cleanings to be logged.
  • Monitor and report the need for replenishment of all required janitorial supplies including cleaners, trash bags, paper goods, mops, brooms, etc needed to ensure the cleanliness of the bathhouses and convenience of the membership.
  • Ensure the guards properly load and close the dumpsters nightly and that the gates are always securely closed.
  • Monitor and report needed repairs of the buildings, grounds and equipment as needed to maintain a safe, family-friendly environment for the membership.
  • Help organize guards and/or volunteers during preparation for opening and closing of the club.


  • Assist in maintaining all pool chemical balance within state and county guidelines at all times.
  • Assist in maintaining a logbook for all pool water tests. Book must be clearly filled out with date, time signature for complete traceability.
  • Inspect and maintain all the pool cleaning equipment; poles, nets, extensions so they are in good working condition. Repair or report needed replacement to manager.
  • Ensure each pool has its own complement of cleaning equipment and that the equipment is stored properly to avoid damage and not be a nuisance to members.
  • Maintain the portable filter cart in good working order, storing it out of member view and covered when not in use.
  • Adhere to a regular schedule for cleaning all pools.
  • Inspect and report when damaged or needed all pool ladders, stands and railings immediately.
  • Participate in the preparation of the pools pre and post season. After opening, assist the manager in readying the pools for members. Prior to closing, assist manager in taking the necessary steps to winterize the pool
  • Any other duties as assigned by the manager



  • Valid Driver’s license
  • CPR trained Lifeguard
  • At least 19 years of age and have an HS diploma or equivalent.
  • At least two years of active lifeguard experience
  • Ability to independently complete pool chemical and safety checks.
  • Previous customer service experience preferred
  • Able to work weekends/holidays/evening hours